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Thumbnail - Cowboy Boots by Berluti — French Fashion House Goes Western!

16.10.2017 22:11 | 

In the modern day of retail sales you have to keep up or you will get left behind, especially now, thanks...

Thumbnail - Nicholas Templeman Oxford with Fierceness

11.10.2017 12:51 | 

  Pulling off an aggressive line in a classic shoe is a hard thing to do. And when I say aggressive...

Thumbnail - A Proper Winter Boot by Loake

20.09.2017 18:18 | 

I saw this picture (above) on Instagram yesterday and was extremely impressed not only for the quality...

Thumbnail - Paolo Scarfora Trunk Show – Skoaktiebolaget

12.09.2017 00:32 | 

You have seen me write quite recently a good bit about Paolo Scarfora and this is mainly for two reasons....

Thumbnail - Welted Sole – New Online Shoe Shop

09.09.2017 01:04 | 

There is a new shoe retailer based out of the US, called Welted Sole, that just recently launched their...

Thumbnail - This Week’s Instagram Favorites

30.08.2017 20:50 | 

Instagram is literally one of the sole sources I now use for inspiration for the blog’s photos....

Thumbnail - More Burgundy Shoes = Progression

29.08.2017 02:10 | 

  Its always refreshing to see brands stocking a good pair of burgundy shoes. I am not talking...

Thumbnail - Koji Endo Bottier Revisited

02.08.2017 14:00 | 

  Koji Endo Bottier makes some of the nicest shoes in the world. Predominantly they are quite classic...

Thumbnail - Spectators by Aubercy

26.07.2017 19:25 | 

  You dont often see people wearing the classic spectator combo these days despite the progression...

Thumbnail - A Most Interesting Design By Yanko

25.07.2017 14:00 | 

  It looks as if this week I am focusing on unique shoe designs as today I wanted to discuss this...

Thumbnail - New & Lingwood – Summer Chukkas in All Colors

21.07.2017 19:47 | 

The word ‘boot’ usually brings to mind Autumn/Winter feelings and thoughts of the corresponding...

Thumbnail - The New Bestetti Shoe

20.07.2017 15:00 | 

  I have been seeing this new Bestetti shoe all over the place, from Instagram, to Facebook to...

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